Party Congresses resolutions help boost breakthrough development in Central Highlands

The Central Highlands welcomes investment in renewable energy. (Photo:

Renewable energy, wind power and solar power, is one of the breakthrough areas, stated in the resolutions of 3 of the 5 Central Highlands provincial Party Congresses of Gia Lai, Dak Lak and Dak Nong. More than 150 wind and solar power projects in these provinces have been surveyed, showing that the Central Highlands wind can generate electricity with a capacity of more than 40,000 megawatts, 3 times higher than the hydroelectric potential of the country. In these provinces, Gia Lai especially emphasizes this breakthrough direction.

According to Mr. Ho Phuoc Thanh, Director of the Gia Lai provincial Department of Planning and Investment, the province not only has abundant wind resources, but also advantages in grid infrastructure, attracting many investors. To date, 15 of more than 100 projects in the province have been approved, with a total capacity of 1,294 Mw. Mr. Ho Phuoc Thanh said that this breakthrough will help Gia Lai achieve outstanding efficiency in both economy and environment.

Along with the newly exploited strengths, the Central Highlands provinces have more opportunities to gain breakthrough development in the value of traditional agriculture production. The most productive pepper and coffee area of the world in the Central Highlands is facing both opportunities and pressure because the EU – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) took effect. The region’s pepper and coffee production has great prospects for success if it becomes professional and meets European Union standards in terms of quality and transparency.

Held in the strong atmosphere of Party rectification, the Party Congresses term 2020-2025 of the Central Highlands provinces demonstrated their will and spirit of responsibility when they did not elect insufficient Party members to important organs.

Attending the 16th Gia Lai provincial Party Congress, Tran Quoc Vuong, Politburo member and standing member of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, stressed the comprehensiveness in the building of the Party and political system by both increasing the quality of inspection and prevention of corruption, and heightening the role of cadres’ and Party members’ strong spirit at work. 

As the Party affirms that cadres are the root of all work, and the building of the  Party and the political system is the key to all victories, the Central Highlands region is expected to promote all potentials and make all large opportunities successful if it does well personnel work./.


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