Justice Ministry’s council members give comments to Party Congress draft documents

Delegates speak at the meeting. Photo: giadinhvietnam.com

In his opening remarks at the meeting, Deputy Minister of Justice Phan Chi Hieu emphasized that the meeting aimed to continue giving insight into draft reports, especially the draft political report and the draft report on 10 years of the realization of the socio-economic development strategy.

Meanwhile, Nguyen Van Cuong, Head of the Institute of Legal Science, said that the draft documents had been thoroughly and carefully prepared with high intellectual content, reflecting clearly the national achievements in different periods of history, especially during the 35 years of renewal process, 10 years since the implementation of the national construction political program, the realization of socio-economic development strategy from 2011 to 2020, and five years of the implementation of the 12th National Party Congress resolution.

At the meeting, delegates highly appreciated the preparation of draft documents, especially in identifying orientations, guidelines, tasks and solutions for national development in the next 5 years, 10 years, and orientation and vision to 2045.

Regarding the building of the law-regulated State, scientists identified that this was an important and inclusive content; therefore, it was necessary to have a deeper understanding and approach of the rule of law, the constitutional principles stipulated in the 2013 Constitution for evaluating the results; and defining objectives, views, tasks and solutions; to prioritize the content of the law-regulated State.

Regarding judicial reform, delegates proposed to better define the central position of judicial activities and the court system in exercising judicial rights; to ensure independence in court adjudication.

Contributing to the content of perfecting market economic institutions, delegates requested to clarify the contents of the market economy institution; and fully identify characteristics of the socialist-oriented market economy./.


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