Party Congress draft documents receive comments from labour organization

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Khang, Party Central Committee member and VGCL President, speaks at the meeting. (Photo: LDO)

Accordingly, delegates focused on 3 main topics, including thinking of building the working class after 35 years of renewal, identifying solutions to develop the working class in the new period with a vision to 20 and 30 years to come; completing policies to ensure employment and income, and improve material, spiritual, and social welfare for the working class; and strengthening the Party's leadership, renewing the union's organization and activities in current conditions.

Most comments agreed with the content of the draft documents on the development of the Vietnamese working class in the coming period; enhancing the strength of great national solidarity, socialist democracy and the people's mastery right.

In addition, many comments also suggested the Party Central Committee continue to lead all levels of the Party Committee, the National Assembly, the Government and the political system to effectively implement the contents on continuously building and developing the Vietnamese working class in the coming time.

They also asked that the draft documents to further clarify the status and role of the Vietnamese working class and the close relationship between the working class and the Communist Party of Vietnam; and develop the strong working class in connection with the building of a pure and strong Party.

Earlier, the VGCL held 2 meetings gathering key officials to give comments to the 13th National Party Congress draft documents./.


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