13th National Party Congress draft documents receive suggestions from diverse groups of people

Delegates speak at the meeting. (Photo: PANO)

Addressing the meeting, Tran Thanh Man, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and VFF President, confirmed that over the past years, the VFF had regularly received important contributions from individuals, intellectuals, jurists, representatives of ethnic minority people, religious dignitaries and overseas Vietnamese for the national building and reinforcement of national unity.

“They are willing to stand by the VFF in encouraging all classes of people to well realize the Party guidelines and State laws, as well as participating in patriotic emulation campaigns,” he added.

According to the VFF President, as planned, the organization will organize 4 meetings to collect ideas on the draft documents, contributing to heightening the quality of the documents.

During the meeting, delegates made comments to the draft political report, the draft report on the realization of socio-economic development strategy from 2011 to 2020 and the building of the socio-economic development strategy for the next 10 years; the draft report on the assessment of socio-economic development realization from 2016 to 2020 and the orientation for the development from 2016 to 2020; and the draft report on Party building and implementation of the Party Charter in the 12th National Party Congress term.

Delegates at the meeting evaluated that the draft documents to be submitted to the 13th National Party Congress bring with them many new points, and select the successful experiences of foreign countries. Regarding the promotion of the strength of national solidarity, the draft documents continue to emphasize the strength of great national solidarity. In terms of socialist building, the draft documents add new elements in arousing the desire for national development, promoting the will to develop and build a prosperous and happy country./.


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