Party Congress draft documents discussed by farmers’ union

Truong Thi Mai, Politburo member, Secretary of the PCC and Head of the PCC Commission on Mass Mobilization, speaks at the meeting. (Photo: NDO)

During the meeting, showing his concern over the preservation of national culture and identity, President of the Lai Chau provincial Farmer’s Union Mua A Chu noted that the draft political report clarified that one of the orientations for national development in 2021-2030 was to increase building of humans and advanced culture imbued with the national identify. 

“Apart from preserving cultural identity thanks to the elderly, it is necessary to focus on preserving the cultural beauty among the young generations, especially women and those who are wholeheartedly preserving long-term cultural values,” he said 

Regarding afforestation in the draft documents, Mai Duc Thinh, Director of a collective in Son La province’s Moc Chau district, noted that as afforestation had not reported adequate results, the draft documents should pay more attention to provide seedlings, forest coverage and prevention of deforestation. 

Addressing the meeting, Truong Thi Mai, Politburo member, Secretary of the Party Central Committee (PCC) and Head of the PCC Commission on Mass Mobilization, appreciated the delegates’ responsibilities, intellect, technologies and creativity in the contributions to the draft documents.

“The contributions reflect a breath of the life in the countryside and farmers’ proposals in all areas, which convey their aspiration to continue to institutionalize and create clearer legal framework for innovation, and give a clearer orientation for agriculture-based economic models,” she said. 

She confirmed that the ideas helped promote the application of science - technology towards better service of agriculture, farmers and rural areas; and clearly bring into play the role of the household economy, creating clearer conditions for the strong development of young farmers and agricultural enterprises.

Delegates at the meeting also highlighted an increase in State management to ensure safe agricultural production; as well as urgent issues such as the quality of water resources, forestation and forest protection, and ecosystem-based agricultural development./.


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