Quang Ninh: Former senior cadres contribute ideas to 13th National Party Congress documents

 Former cadres in Quang Ninh province contribute enthusiastic comments to the draft political report to Party Congresses at all levels. (Photo: VOV)

According to former key cadres, the documents work out general and comprehensive assessment on the past term, and seriously, frankly and democratically identify weaknesses while applying lessons for the next term.

Mr. Tran Duc Lam, former Secretary of Ha Long city Party Committee, emphasized the importance of maintaining the absolute leadership role of the Party as the foundation for implementing socio-economic development tasks, which is reflected in the building of apparatus, the inspection and dealing with of violations, and the heightening of heads’ responsibility. He was particularly interested in the policy of regional links mentioned in the draft political report. “Mechanisms and policies should be made to accelerate socio-economic development in each region, thus narrowing the gap between the regions,” he said.

Mr. Do Minh Tuan, former Deputy Secretary of the Cam Pha town Party Committee, Chairman of Cam Pha town People's Committee (now Cam Pha city), is interested in developing the economy to ensure socialist orientation, building and improving progressive and suitable production relations by quoting breakthroughs in diverse areas from Cam Pha city’s and Quang Ninh province’s good promotion of public – private cooperation.

According to Mr. Tuan, in socio-economic development in a socialist-oriented market economy, the encouragement of investment and focus on developing various economic sectors is very important.

“The State needs policies to support and encourage investors, not only foreign investors but also domestic ones, to create basic internal resources for economic development,” he added. Another important issue is that the Party and the State should have policies to mobilize the resources of the entire people to participate in economic development.”


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