Typical young party member follows President Ho Chi Minh’s example ​
Hoang Kieu Nga at the 23rd Party Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee (Photo: tienphong.vn)

She was honored as a typical example of studying and following Ho Chi Minh's moral example and is a representative of the typical young Party member nationwide.

Kieu Nga, a young editor of Kim Dong Publishing House, has won awards of the best book of the year, such as: "Diary of Thien Nhan - a journey of love", "When too sad, water a tree", and "Happy prince and pomegranate house".

"Diary of Thien Nhan - a journey of love" is the first book Nga has edited. The first manuscript she accessed was short notes posted on the blog of Mai Anh, mother of Thien Nhan. She spent many days immersing herself in the journey of nearly a decade of the nurturing and loving of a mother, a grandmother to her children, to make the layout and arrange articles before exchanging with the board of editors and the author.

Nga shared that to create a work for children is not easy. Children are eager to learn, rich in love and without many prejudices. Children's perception is very delicate, although the shell of the language may not be formal or glossy. Each book is a challenge for the editor, it is necessary to be diligent with each word and true knowledge so that the book is interesting, has human value but it is easy to understand to touch the hearts of young readers.

"I always try to have true knowledge, good language, especially using pure Vietnamese language for translated works. Currently, most translators are influenced by the style of writing in the original text. I highly appreciate the flexibility to bring it closer to the style of writing of Vietnamese language, so that children can enjoy the beauty of the work in Vietnamese language," said Nga.

In the role of Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Kim Dong Publishing House, Nga has actively contributed many ideas, organized activities to connect, promote strength of young people in her agency and created joy to attract youth union members.

For many years, she has achieved the title of excellent work completion, character of the year, and excellent youth union member of the agency. In 2019, she was praised as a typical example for learning and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style; was a delegate to attend the meeting for typical young Party members nationwide.

Hoang Kieu Nga became a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam in 2015, while she was a final-year student of the Academy of Journalism and Communications.

"I like to watch documentary films and read stories about Uncle Ho. In photos and videos, Uncle Ho was always simple, close and rich in love, caring for everyone. The simplicity and great love in Uncle Ho’s style is the virtue that I am always aiming for and striving for every day," she shared./.


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