23rd Party Congress of Government Inspectorate held ​​
Mr. Le Minh Khai (Photo: zingnews.vn)

Mr. Le Minh Khai, born in 1964 in Bac Lieu province, has held the positions of Deputy Auditor General of the State Audit Office of Vietnam for the 2007-2014 period, Chairman of the Bac Lieu Provincial People's Committee and Secretary of the Bac Lieu Provincial Party Committee.

In October 2017, Mr. Le Minh Khai was appointed as the Inspector General of the Government Inspectorate and then appointed as the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Government Inspectorate for the 2015-2020 period.

Over the past five years, the Government Inspectorate's Party Committee, with high political determination, has actively renewed its leadership content and modes, and proactively implemented the policies and resolutions of the higher-level, to be dynamic, creative, and well implementing the targets set out by the 22nd Party Congress for the 2015-2020 term.

The Party Committee of the Government Inspectorate has focused on building the Party organizations under the Government Inspectorate’s Party Committee strongly and transparently, demonstrating the role of the political nucleus at the grassroots level; promoting the exemplary pioneering role of the contingent of cadres and party members; and striving to overcome all difficulties, successfully completing the political tasks of the Government Inspectorate and the inspection sector.

Party building work in terms of politics, ideology and morality is given importance, creating high unity and consensus in the entire Party Committee.

The implementation of the Resolution of the 4th session of the Party Central Committee, term 11 and 12, and Directive 05-CT/TW of the Politburo has been closely directed by the Standing Board of the Party Committee and the Party Committee’s Civil Affairs.

In addition, Party organization building work, inspection and supervision, and discipline have been implemented seriously and methodically.

In terms of implementation of political tasks, over the past term, the Party Committee of the Government Inspectorate has closely coordinated with the Party Committee’s Civil Affairs in effectively leading and directing inspection programs and plans, solving complaints and denunciations, preventing and combating corruption and building the sector. The Party Committees at all levels have coordinated with leaders of the agency to lead and encourage cadres and party members to strive to fulfill their assigned tasks.

In the next term, the Party Committee of the Government Inspectorate set the targets: every year, 100% of the Party committees at all levels promptly grasp and effectively implement the directives, resolutions and conclusions of the Party Central Committee and higher-level Party committees; every year, it has over 75% of strong and transparent Party cells and party committees; while over 75% of Party members from the Party Committee of the Government Inspectorate successfully completed their task./.


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