Politburo holds working session with Central Public Security Party Committee
Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong at the event (Photo: VNA)

Party chief Trong highlighted the position, role, and importance of the people’s public security force, together with the people’s army, in maintaining political security and social safety and order and creating a favourable environment for national construction and defence.

He asked the force to continue renewing operations to suit reality amid the global integration period and to forecast the situation to offer suggestions to accomplish the task of protecting security and safety in the new situation.

The leader expressed a belief that the people’s public security force will continue striving to fulfil their assigned tasks and hoped that they would work closely with the army and relevant units to firmly fight corruption and negative behaviour.

The Politburo lauded the force for discovering and effectively preventing plots by reactionary forces and political opportunists, protecting the absolute safety of the country’s important political targets and events, fighting the manifestations of “self-evolution” and “self-transformation”, ensuring cyber security and safety, dealing with emerging issues regarding social safety and security in ethnic and religious groups, and actively joining in the fight against COVID-19.

They were also hailed for cracking down on crime, including major economic and corruption cases, complex drug trafficking rings, and loan sharking, among others.

Regarding future tasks, the Politburo stressed that the Central Public Security Party Organisation must pay special attention to Party building work, building a strong force that is absolutely loyal to the Party and close to the people.

The Central Public Security Party Committee also made personnel preparations in a serious and democratic manner in line with the Politburo’s Decree No 35-CT/TW and guidelines of the Party Central Committee.

On the occasion, Party leader Trong expressed his hope that the seventh Congress of the Central Public Security Party Organisation will be a success, thus opening up a new period of development.



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