Diverse targets realized in 2020

Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung speaks at the press conference. (Photo: VGP)

According to Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung, among the main targets, export turnover growth of 7% and controlling the unemployment rate in urban areas of 3.88%, are among figures exceeding the targets.

Economic growth achieved better results, with GDP growth rate reaching 2.91%, economic scale reaching USD271.2 billion; and total budget revenue reaching more than VND1.5 million billion, an increase of VND158 trillion compared to the report to the National Assembly.

He added that in 2020, despite many difficulties, the whole country has successfully implemented the "dual goal" of both preventing and combating the COVID-19 pandemic, and recovering and boosting socio-economic development. “It can be said that 2020 is the most successful year in the past 5 years,” he went on to say.

In the February regular Government meeting, the Government also unanimously agreed that, although there was a long Lunar New Year holiday and the complex development of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been positive changes in the socio-economic situation, including the inflation rate being controlled at a low level; and the average consumer price index (CPI) in the first 2 months of 2021 decreasing by 0.15% against the same period last year.

Goods import and export activities in the first 2 months of 2021 achieved a high growth rate. Total export and import turnover in the first 2 months of this year was estimated at USD95.8 billion, an increase of 24.5% against the same period last year, of which exports were estimated at 48.6 billion USD. The trade balance of goods in the first 2 months of the year was estimated to have a trade surplus of USD1.3 billion.

Industrial production continued to have positive changes, with the index increasing by 7.4% over the same period last year. The production of agriculture, forestry and fishery in February saw relatively favorable developments. Afforestation and the implementation of tree planting in early spring were practically organized in many localities./.


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