Southern hub provides jobs to over 54,000 labourers

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As a result, the total number of jobs created in the first 2 months was increased to 54,157.

According to the city Center of Forecasting Manpower Needs and Labour Market Information (FALMI), this year, the city needs 27,000-300,000 jobs, including 140,000 new jobs.

Phan Ky Quan Triet, FALMI Deputy Director, said that in 2021, little change is expected in high quality human resources; however, there can be changes in recruitment of popular human resources, especially in textile and garment, footwear, seafood and fisheries processing, plastic and rubber sectors, as they often see labourer shortages.

FALMI also forecasts that the labourer recruitment will focus on such areas like business, trade, high technology and services, while popular labourers will be needed in textile and garment, footwear, restaurants, hotels, professional security and industrial hygiene./.


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