Yen Bai: Most party committees see Secretaries directly elected

Voters in Mu Cang Chai voting the new executive board of the district Party Committee. (Photo: VOV)

The congresses have fully followed 4 steps of contents in the spirit of the Politburo’s Directive 35, while electoral management also complies with the regulations.

The percentage of women in the party executive committees (new term) in districts and city of Yen Bai reached more than 21%, while the figure of ethnic minority officials was 31%.

Political reports and reports of the executive boards at congresses were carefully prepared, highlighting core contents following the point of view, guidelines and major orientations of the Political Report submitted to the 19th Yen Bai provincial Party Congress.

The Standing Board of the provincial Party Committee has guided 11 out of 12 party committees to directly elect Secretaries at the congresses. Particularly, the provincial Military Party Committee complies with Article 27, Party Charter. All 12 party committees conducted vote counting on computer, regulated by the PCC Commission for Organization; ensuring accuracy and saving time.

In addition, the congresses renewed one third of members of executive boards, the percentage of women was 21% and ethnic minority cadres reached 31%.

Party committees in districts and city of Yen Bai elected 302 delegates to the 19th provincial Party Congress. They are typical faces; ensuring standards, structure and quantities as scheduled./.


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