Preparations for Military Region 3 Party Congress reviewed
The overview of the conference (Source:

The overview of the conference (Source:

At the conference, Lieutenant General Nguyen Quang Cuong, Secretary of Military Region 3 Party Committee and Political Commissar of Military Region 3, made a report on preparations for the congress.

Military Region 3 Party Committee focused on leading and directing the affiliated party committees to conduct the congress in accordance with the process principles to achieve the goals and requirements. 100% of new party committees and delegates attending the upper general meeting are elected with high confidence, creating an atmosphere of excitement, solidarity and high determination in performing the tasks of the Military Region.

Regarding the preparation of the 9th Military Region 3 Party Congress, draft documents to be submitted at the congress are prepared carefully, in order to properly assess the nature of the leadership of the Military Region 3 Party Committee, tenure 2015 – 2020; and determine the direction, goals and leadership solutions for the next term.

Regarding personnel work, the Standing Board of the Military Region 3 Party Committee prepares in accordance with the process, ensuring the right principles, standards and appropriate structures. Dissemination, emulation and security work for the Congress are directed and implemented closely and thoughtfully./.


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