Vietnam - Cuba relationship reinforced and fostered

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong met with Raul Castro Ruz, First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee, and President of the Councils of State and Ministers of the Republic of Cuba, during his State visit to Cuba in 2018. (Photo:

Cuba is also one of the first countries in the world to establish diplomatic relations with the Provisional Revolutionary Government of Southern Vietnam, placing the Embassy of Cuba in the liberation zone of Southern Vietnam, in Tay Ninh province, in July 1967.

In September 1973, Cuban President Fidel Castro became the first (and only) foreign leader to visit the newly liberated Quang Tri area.

In the 1980s, Cuba was the only Latin American country standing side by side with Vietnam against the US's policy of embargo.

The Commander-in-Chief and President of Cuba Fidel Castro had immortalized statements expressing his deep feelings and special sentiment between Vietnam and Cuba, including "For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to dedicate its own blood"; "In peace, Cuba is ready to sweat to contribute to rebuilding Vietnam ten times bigger and more beautiful, as President Ho Chi Minh desired".

Meanwhile, President Ho Chi Minh affirmed: "Vietnam and Cuba are tens of thousands of miles apart, but the hearts of the two countries are as close as brothers and sisters".

Following his teachings, generations of Vietnamese leaders and people always consider solidarity and support for Cuba the conscience and responsibility of the communists and the entire people of Vietnam./.


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