Tay Ninh requested to drastically implement breakthrough programs

At the congress (Photo: baotayninh.vn)

He also asked the province to take more advantage of its geographical location in the key southern economic region, on the East-West corridor, the Trans-Asia route and 3 international border gates with Cambodia, to strongly boost industry and logistics services development, and promote the border trade economy.

“Along with economic development, the province must pay attention to foster cultural, social, educational and training development, and care for people's health; well implement policies on religion and ethnicity; build a new countryside; and boost sustainable poverty reduction, providing policies for beneficiary people and vulnerable people,” he said.

In the last term, the province’s rapid and comprehensive development has been reported, with GRDP growth rate of 7.2%, higher than the national average. A majority of cultural and social targets have been realized. Natural management, environmental protection and adaptation to climate change have been cared for. In particular, Tay Ninh is in the list of provinces and cities with the lowest poverty rate of below 1%.

Together with socio-economic development, Tay Ninh has focused on building the army and police forces; and maintaining political security and social order./.


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