Southern hub determined to further improve investment attraction

Ho Chi Minh City supports innovation start-up. (Photo: HNMO)

Accordingly, the city continues to improve the PCI annually, resolutely overcome the limitations and weaknesses, and propose solutions to have clearer improvement steps in the investment and business environment for convenience, transparency and equality among economic sectors; bringing the city into the group of localities with the best socio-economic management quality in the country.

Additionally, the city will strongly improve the investment and business environment year by year, so that by 2025 it will become a regional leader in attracting investment, innovating, developing science and technology and creating a fair and safe business environment for the people, businesses and investors.

On the other hand, it aims to improve the business and investment environment in the direction of digital transformation towards digital economic development in order to improve competitiveness to help businesses in the city develop sustainably; striving to be in the group of 5 leading localities in the country in terms of PCI index in the 2021-2025 period.

To achieve the goal, the City People's Committee requests authorities to develop programs and plans to improve the business environment, investment environment, and competitiveness, especially administrative procedures to serve people and businesses./.


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