Hanoi’s Soc Son district meets new-style rural area standards
Overview of Soc Son district (Photo: hanoi.gov.vn)

Overview of Soc Son district (Photo: hanoi.gov.vn)

The Hanoi People's Committee is responsible for announcing and rewarding according to regulations, directing Soc Son district to continue maintaining and improving the quality of the criteria, focusing on production and environmental criteria to ensure sustainability in new-style rural area building.

Starting to implement the new-style rural area building program, Soc Son district had a very low starting point, with no commune meeting the new-style rural area standards.

So far, the district has developed quite comprehensively, the rural face increases in prosperity, the infrastructure is invested synchronously with 100% of the main roads, the inter-village roads concreted or asphalted; all 25 communes have been recognized as new-style rural areas; per capita income is estimated at 53.5 million VND/people/year, the poverty rate is 1.06% according to the multidimensional poverty line.

The structure of agricultural production is gradually converted to high-value crops and livestock, some localities have formed a concentrated agricultural production area, forms of agricultural production organization have been paid attention to innovate in the direction of strengthening links between production and consumption of products. The fields of culture, education - training, health care, security and order have all met the standards, contributing to improving the material and spiritual life of the people./. 


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