Personnel work continues to top the working programme of NA

The National Assembly continues with personnel work on April 7. (Photo: VNA)

During the morning working session, the legislators will discuss and vote on a nomination list, and cast secret ballots to elect the chairpersons of several NA Committees, the NA Secretary General and the State Auditor General.

After the voting results are announced, the NA is scheduled to debate and vote on resolutions on the election outcome.

The Prime Minister will submit a proposal on the relief of a number of Deputy Prime Ministers, Ministers and Government members.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the National Election Council (NEC) will submit proposals on relieving several Vice Chairpersons and members of the NEC, and the State President will propose the relief of a number of Vice Chairperson and members of the Council on National Defence and Security.

The proposals will then be discussed in groups, with discussion outcomes to be presented in the afternoon.

The PM, the NEC Chairman and the President will deliver reports giving explanations based on the discussion outcomes regarding their respective proposals.

The lawmakers will vote on the proposals, and after the announcement of voting results, the NA is expected to adopt resolutions on the voting results.

At the end of the daily working session, the PM will present a list of candidates to the posts of Deputy PMs, Ministers and Cabinet members. The list will be discussed by lawmakers in groups./.


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