Online contest to learn about election law launched
The online contest (Photo: Bich Lien)

The online contest (Photo: Bich Lien)

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Chairman of the NA’s Committee on Legal Affairs Hoang Thanh Tung emphasized that on May 23, more than 70 million voters across the country will elect deputies to the 15th National Assembly and deputies to People's Councils at all levels for the 2021-2026 term. This is a very important political event and has great significance.

Voters nationwide will select outstanding representatives, representing the will and aspirations of the people, on behalf of the people to exercise State power at the central and local levels; contributing to the successful building of the rule of law socialist State; and successfully implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress.

The contest is a very meaningful activity, contributing to raising awareness of the people in general, of voters in particular about the election of deputies to the NA and People's Councils at all levels and help the people have a better understanding of their rights and obligations, then actively participating and actively contributing to the success of the election.

The contest was held in the online form at the website In addition, candidates can access the column of the online contest learning about the election law of National Assembly (NA) deputies and People’s Council deputies on the e-portals of the NA, the Ministry of Justice, website of the National Election Committee, website on legal education dissemination, People's Deputies Online Newspaper, Vietnam National Assembly Television Website, and Online Vietnam Law Newspaper.

Candidates are Vietnamese citizens in the country and abroad. The exam contents are the provisions of the law on the election of deputies to the National Assembly and deputies to people's council in 2015; a number of provisions of the Constitution, the law on organization of the National Assembly, and the law on organization of local government on the election of deputies to the National Assembly and deputies to people's council.

The contest takes place for 30 days, from April 1-30.

During the contest, each individual can perform up to 3 exam attempts, each lasting 20 minutes. During each attempt, the contestant will answer 20 questions, including 19 direct multiple choice questions, one question predicts the number of test takers who correctly answered all of the questions.

The awarding ceremony of the contest will be held before the Election Day of May 23, including on first prize, worth 20 million VND; 5 second prizes, each worth 5 million VND; 10 third prizes, each worth 3 million VND; and 20 consolation prizes, each worth 1 million VND./.


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