Party building reviewed in Ha Giang province

Conference to review Party building in the first quarter, and implement tasks for the second quarter of 2021 (Source:

In the first quarter, the Party building sector of the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang has concretized the resolutions of Party congresses at all levels, term 2020-2025, in accordance with the situation of localities, agencies and units.

The provincial Party building sector has proactively implemented assigned tasks comprehensively. The focus is the preparation of personnel of the National Assembly deputies and People's Council deputies at all levels; to attach importance to improving the leadership capacity and fighting strength of grassroots party organizations, and the quality of the cadres and party members.

Party Committee has admitted 234 new party members in the first quarter, bringing the total number of party members in the whole province to over 71,300 comrades. Promotion, appointment, reappointment, and rotation of leaders and management officers have been seriously implemented. Besides, the review of collectives and individuals under the management, assessment and classification of the quality of party organizations and party members has come into reality.

At the conference, delegates discussed and proposed solutions for the review and planning of cadres, improving the quality of activities of the Party committees; Party member development in border villages and hamlets; and discussed difficulties and problems in Party building in localities.

In order to implement the tasks in the second quarter, Head of Ha Giang Provincial Party Committee Commission of Organization Nguyen Minh Tien asked the Party building sector review the personnel work for the National Assembly deputies and People's Council deputies at all levels before the third negotiation;  pay attention to protecting internal politics, especially in border localities; and re-check the staff recruitment in accordance with regulations.


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