Northern mountainous province aims to boost rapid and sustainable development

At the congress (Photo: PLO)

He urged the province to continue to reinforce solidarity and consensus in the Party and political system; focus on boosting economic development; restore and promote traditional and cultural values; strengthen national defence and security; and boost international integration. 

In the next 5 years, the provincial Party Committee targets to lead the province in increasing the building of the Party and political system; boosting innovation and wisely using resources; developing commodity agricultural production; and accelerating industrial, trade, service and tourism development, becoming a relatively well-developed province in the northern mountainous region by 2030, and a locality of average socio-economic development compared to the whole country by 2045. 

It will strive to obtain GRDP growth rate of 9-10% per year and GRDP per capita of VND65 million per year; collect VND3 trillion to the state budget; reduce the household poverty rate by 3% per year; and create jobs for 8,500 labourers per year. 

To accomplish the above objectives, Lai Chau will implement four key programs, including the program on centralized commodity agriculture development; sustainable forest development; conservation and promotion of cultural identity associated with tourism development; and improvement of the quality of ethnic minority cadres and managers.

Along with that, the province will perform four breakthrough tasks: synchronously building infrastructure, especially transport and infrastructure in agriculture and rural areas; promoting administrative reform, improving provincial competitiveness and business investment environment; continuing to improve the quality of human resources; and developing commodity agriculture with focus on creating valuable specialty products.

Over the past 5 years, Lai Chau reported an average economic growth rate of over 11% per year; gross product in 2020 of nearly VND20.5 trillion, an increase over 95% compared to 2015; GRDP per capita of over VND40 million; and import-export turnover of over USD200 million.

Social welfare policies have been promptly realized, together with adequate building and development of culture and human; improvement in the quality of education and training; appropriate investment in healthcare; and rapid reduction of poverty rate./.


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