Exhibition of books and photos about studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and style
Source: canthotv.vn

Cutting ribbon to open the exhibition (Source: canthotv.vn)

It is an occasion of political and ideological activities for numerous officers and soldiers, thereby replicating, developing and fostering more typical examples and examples in studying and following President Ho Chi Minh's ideology, morality and lifestyle.

The exhibition introduces hundreds of books, photos and valuable documents about Uncle Ho and Hanoi Public Security officers and soldiers.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Major General Dao Thanh Hai, Deputy Director of Hanoi City Public Security, said that the Party Committee - Board of Directors of the City Public Security and Party Committee, and commanders of t are always interested in improving the quality of library and book store of the city public security.

City Public Security Library has 2 rooms, 1 reading room and 1 storage area of books and documents of nearly 200m2, equipped with replacement of all tables and chairs, 49 new bookshelves, 1 internet connected computer, and 1 part-time officer. The library has a total of 12,920 books, including 1,500 political books, 1,467 law books, 1,720 professional books and many reference books, books of cultural arts, newspapers and magazines. From 2015 up to now, the City Public Security has added to the City Public Security Library and the bookshelves of the units 17,920 books and documents, the units of the city public security have built 25 reading rooms, and 110 bookcases./.


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