13th National Party Congress: Meticulous preparation of draft documents


To prepare the draft documents for the 13th National Party Congress, the Editing Team worked tirelessly for a long period of time, placing quality as the top priority.

Before being widely publicised to seek public opinion, each written page and sentence in the drafts was considered carefully and revised numerous times, in strict accordance with the directions of Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong.

During the less than one month they were open for public comment, the documents received positive feedback from a large number of officials, Party members, and people inside and outside of the country.

The comments received have enriched the content of the draft documents. On that basis, central authorities have gathered, synthesized, and categorized comments totalling more than 1,400 pages and compiled a general report of nearly 200 pages.

After a long period of preparation, modification, and supplementation, participants at the 14th session of the 12th Party Central Committee reached high consensus on the documents to be submitted to the 13th Congress./.