Northern province increases biotechnological application in production

Productive lychee crops in Bac Giang (Photo:

Biotechnology is mainly applied to the development of high yield and good quality crops and animals, having a strong impact on economic structure transformation, improving the quality of commercial value and competitiveness for local agricultural products; and applied in pollution treatment and environmental pollution remedy in many enterprises.

The province currently has more than 160 enterprises and individual households operating in the field of production of building material products applying new materials technologies, including production of unburnt bricks. Application of nano polymer in medicine, nano materials in biomedical has also contributed actively in the work of medical examination and treatment for local people.

Currently, Bac Giang is focusing on the application of biotechnology and new material technology to the fields of breeding, preservation and processing of agricultural and forestry products, especially its key products such as lychee chicken, fragrant rice, mushroom, peanut, grapefruits and honey; in the treatment of waste and wastewater in industrial zones and clusters, and trade villages; in health and medical surveillance technology; stepping up the application of advanced materials, fuel-saving and environment-friendly technologies in production and life.

The province prioritizes developing science and technology, especially biotechnology - new material technology, supporting the establishment and improvement of the operational efficiency of science and technology enterprises, innovative and start-up businesses in the fields of information technology, biotechnology, and new materials technology. Meanwhile, the provincial center for science and technology application is invested to form an experimental area, and conduct research and application, transfer of biotechnology and new material technology.

In the period 2015 - 2020, Bac Giang Province implemented 74 national and provincial science and technology projects in many fields, with a total cost of over VND222 billion./.


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