Russian expert highlights socialist-oriented economy to help Vietnam go forward confidently

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Chairman of the Council of Experts of the Eurasian Research Fund Grigory Trofimchuk said in an interview with Vietnam News Agency's correspondents in Russia.

The expert said the socialist democracy model has certain advantages and good development prospects, with social factors playing an important role and the human factor never forgotten, particularly in Vietnam.

He noted Vietnam has extensive international relations and participates in most of the major international organisations.

According to him, Vietnam has come up with approaches that can help the world respond better to a number of challenges, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. When participating in international organisations and economic forums, the Vietnamese Government has clearly introduced benefits of such memberships to the Vietnamese people, creating links between the sides and their consensus towards a common goal.

The expert praised the outcomes of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s 13th National Congress at a time when the country has an increasing role and importance regionally and internationally.

He said the congress has truly propelled the country forward as it addressed key issues of the nation and set out new tasks for the national development toward 2045.

He also took the occasion to express his belief in Vietnam’s future successes./.


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