NA Chairman highlights finance & budget committee’s contributions during 14th tenure
At the working session (Photo:

At the working session (Photo:

The top legislator said that the committee has shown good performance in making and revising laws on financial and budgetary issues such as the law on public asset management, the law on public debt management, and the amended law on public investment.

It has also assisted the NA and the NA Standing Committee in exercising supervision in key areas like borrowed capital and financial funds.

Hue also noted the outstanding outcomes in the committee’s diplomatic activities such as the establishment of a cooperation mechanism with its counterpart committees of Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, expressing his hope that this mechanism will be maintained and then expanded to the entire ASEAN.

He asked the Committee for Financial and Budgetary Affairs to build on its achievements to push ahead with reforming and improving its operational efficiency, build lawmaking programmes with a long-term vision as requested in the documents of the 13th National Party Congress, and promote relevant agencies’ accountability.

Regarding pressing issues, the NA Chairman demanded the committee focus on the medium-term public investment plan, the five-year financial plan, and the investment in national target programmes./.


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