Exhibition on Thanh Hoa provincial socio-economic achievements
Cutting ribbon to open the exhibition (Source: thanhoa.gov.vn)

Cutting ribbon to open the exhibition (Source: thanhoa.gov.vn)

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Member of the Standing Board of the Provincial Party Committee, and Vice Chairman of the Provincial People’s Committee name said that the event was a particularly important event of the province.

With a scale of 250 booths, event is an opportunity to introduce the whole picture of economic, cultural, social, scientific, technical, security and defense development; achievements in Party building, political system of Thanh Hoa province over the past 5 years.

OCOP products and typical local goods, as well as those of neighboring provinces, are also introduced at the event.

This is the great belief and spiritual driving force for the Party, government, people and business community in the province to be determined to successfully implement the goals of the next term; thereby, affirming the leadership of the Party Committee, the solidarity, efforts and creativity of authorities at all levels, businesses and people of all ethnic groups in the province.

On this occasion, there are also trade, investment cooperation; expanding linking and exchanging experiences, transferring technology and supporting mutual development among businesses inside and outside the province, contributing to improving production, business, and competitiveness during the world economic integration./.


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