Central province strives to reduce household poverty by 1-1.5% a year

After 3 serious working days in an atmosphere of democracy and solidarity with a high sense of responsibility, the 20th Quang Ngai Party Congress fulfilled the set programs and officially closed on October 22.

The Congress discussed the Political Report, Review Report of the 20th provincial Party Committee, Action Program and Report on the draft document submitted to the 13th National Party Congress.

Photo for illustration. (Source: dantri.com.vn)

The congress comprehensively evaluated the achievements, and clearly pointed out limitations, shortcomings and causes of the pros and cons of the 2015-2020 term.

It set out goals: average economic growth (GRDP) of 7-8% a year and labor productivity increases of 6-8% a year. By 2025, GRDP per capita will reach USD4,200-4,400; per capita income (current prices) will increase 7-10%; proportion of industry and services in GRDP will be about 69-70% and urbanization rate will reach over 35%.

Implemented investment capital in the province for 5 years will be at least VND150 trillion. Annual budget collection strives to exceed 5%.

The congress has identified directions, tasks and solutions for the next 5 years with the focus on four key tasks including: strengthening the building and rectification of the Party and the political system, consolidating people’s belief in the Party Committee, the government and the political system; intensifying administrative reform and improving the ranking of indicators on administrative reform, governance efficiency, public administration, and provincial competitiveness; boosting tourism development to gradually become a spearhead industry; and continuing socio-economic development and sustainable poverty reduction in mountainous districts.

In addition, Quang Ngai will also focus on leading and directing the implementation of 3 breakthroughs: mobilizing and efficiently using resources to promote industrial development; developing high-quality human resources, focusing on building a contingent of leaders with sufficient quality, capability and prestige; investing and developing synchronous and modern infrastructure, and creating a driving force for development.

In her speech at the closing ceremony, Ms. Bui Thi Quynh Van, Secretary of the Quang Ngai Party Committee (term 2020-2025), asked party committees and authorities right after the congress to realize and thoroughly grasp the spirit and content of the Resolution; promote intelligence of the team; and research effective solutions and creative ways to realize the Resolution./.


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