City targets to accelerate breakthrough programs for faster development

Japanese businesses invest in the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone. (Photo: VNA)

To obtain the target, the resolution of the city’s 11th Party Congress term 2020-2025 puts forth 4 development programs, including breakthrough programs on renewal of management; infrastructure development; human resource and cultural development of the city; and a key program on development of businesses, innovative start-ups and key products.

According to Chairman of city People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Phong, the city will focus on realizing well the programs. “Among the program, the one on renewal of management is very important as it will help increase the efficiency of State management,” he said, noting that there would be 14 projects in realization of the program, including the projects on urban authority, the establishment of Thu Duc city, building smart city infrastructure, digital transformation, digital economy and knowledge-based economy.

Standing Deputy Rector of the Vietnam National University - Ho Chi Minh city Vu Hai Quan, said that for the city’s breakthrough development in the years to come, boosting knowledge-based economy must be one of the important goals. “The solution to developing a knowledge-based economy is built around four main pillars: education - training; scientific research - innovation; information technology infrastructure and institutional and policy system,” he said, adding that these four pillars should be linked to the city's major breakthrough programs.

Meanwhile, Director of the city Department of Planning and Architecture Nguyen Thanh Nha said that the highly interactive eastern innovation (Thu Duc city) would be the nucleus in the realization of the fourth industrial revolution of the city and the region, based on the foundation of knowledge-based economy and development cooperation.

To realize the set objectives, Mr. Phong said that the city had put forth many solutions, covering strong application of science - technology, innovation, and increased working productivity; development of the digital economy, the circular economy, the sharing economy, and the green economy; investment in the development of financial services, banking, tourism, trade, logistics; industrial development based on high-tech industry, creating great added value; and promotion of development of supporting industries.

The city is striving to become a smart city, a modern-oriented industrial and service city, maintaining the leading role of economic and growth engine of the southern key economic region and the whole country, taking the lead in innovation; and obtaining GRDP per capita of USD8,500 by 2025; being a leader in digital economy, digital society, GRDP per capita of USD13,000 by 2030; and being an economic and financial center of Asia with sustainable development, with a high quality of life and GRDP per capita of USD37,000./.


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