Nearly 338 million USD of foreign investment poured in Ho Chi Minh City in two months
Photo for illustration (Source:

Photo for illustration (Source:

The department said that real estate attracted most of the sum, 145.1 million USD or 43 percent of the total. It was followed by science - technology (57.5 million USD, 17 percent) and processing - manufacturing industry (41 million USD, 12.1 percent).

The city draws only three new foreign investment projects worth 115 million USD in January and February, it said, citing complex developments of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world as the reason.

Up to 99.7 percent of the new capital was channeled into real estate, with 29.6 percent from Singapore and 70.1 percent from the Netherlands.

From the year’s beginning to February 20, 22 existing projects in the city added 53.3 million USD to their registered capital.

The date showed that during the time foreign investors also spent 169.5 million USD on capital contributions to or share purchase in local firms./.


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