Senior Party official offers incense to fallen soldiers at Truong Bon
Politburo member Tran Quoc Vuong pays tribute to heroes at Truong Bon (Photo:

A critical point on the route transporting soldiers and weapons to the southern battlefield, Truong Bon became the target of destructive US bombing raids during the 1964-1968 period.

The historical site witnessed the heroic death of 1,240 Vietnamese service members, most notably 13 young volunteers who were killed just hours before a US ceasefire over northern Vietnam came into effect.

Some had planned to enter college, get married or were waiting to go home with their families when the war ended.

Truong Bon has become a symbol of the atrocities committed by the US air force as well as the indomitable courage of a generation of young volunteers who devoted their lives to national independence and reunification.

At the collective grave of 13 martyrs, Vuong offered flowers and incense in remembrance of their service to the nation. He then visited a memorial house to the Truong Bon volunteers and planted trees at the site./.


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