National political-military conference held in Hanoi
Party General Secretary and State President Nguyen Phu Trong and delegates at the conference (Photo: VNA)

Addressing the national political-military conference in Hanoi on December 7, he said that amid various challenges in 2020, the Central Military Commission and the Defence Ministry directed the entire military to overcome difficulties and fulfill military and defence tasks for the year, reported VNA.

 The military has shown a pioneering spirit in the prevention and control of natural disasters and the pandemic as well as in search and rescue efforts and overcoming environmental incidents.

 The armed forces have maintained combat readiness and ensured national sovereignty in the skies, seas, border areas, the interior, and cyber space.

 Party building measures have been conducted effectively, while leadership capacity and the fighting spirit of Party Committees and organisations at all levels have been strengthened and inspection and supervision activities increased.

 Defence external relations have been conducted in a flexible, creative, and effective manner this year, with the successful organisation of defence events throughout the year as Vietnam took on the roles of ASEAN Chair and non-permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Bilateral and multilateral defence cooperation have seen breakthroughs, with sound relations with neighbouring countries, global powers, ASEAN members, and traditional friends. Vietnam has actively engaged in UN peacekeeping operations, contributing to maintaining a peaceful and stable environment for national construction and development.

Pointing out a number of shortcomings in the military, Trong reminded it to focus on a number of tasks amid the complex and unpredictable developments in the region and the world.

According to the Vietnam News Agency, the Party leader asked the Central Military Commission to remain vigilant, while providing forecasts and advice to the Party and the State on measures to protect the country and maintain stability and peace.

The military should focus on dealing with a number of issues relating to sea, islands, and borders as well as international relations, protecting national independence, sovereignty, national territorial integrity, and unification, he said.

He also requested that the Defence Ministry coordinate with other ministries, sectors, and localities to address consequences of natural disasters and conduct search and rescue activities.

He stressed the need for the building of a modern military by 2030 in line with the stronger application of achievements from the fourth Industrial Revolution and the development of the defence industry.

Highlighting the significance of a strong, pure military and Party Organisation, he asked the military to work harder in preventing and fighting corruption and strengthening inspection and supervision activities.

 He asked the Defence Ministry to continue to follow the external relations policy of independence, self-reliance, multilateralisation, diversification, and international integration, promoting defence cooperation with other countries, especially neighbouring countries, ASEAN members and traditional friends, actively joining multilateral cooperation mechanisms, and engaging in UN peacekeeping activities, thus enhancing the position and prestige of the country and its military.

At the conference, the Vietnam People’s Army was presented a First-Class Fatherland Defence Order./.


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