10 young Vietnamese physicians honoured at congress
Source: tienphong.vn

10 young Vietnamese physicians honoured at congress  (Source: tienphong.vn)

Within the framework of the 4th National Congress of Young Physicians, term 2020-2025, on June 6 in Hanoi, the Vietnam Young Physicians Association honoured ten typical young Vietnamese physicians in 2020.

10 Vietnamese young physicians are recognized as typical young physicians in the care and protection of people's health, scientific research, and volunteering for public health. They will create a drive to gather a force of young physicians, develop provincial Youth Medical Associations and Clubs and the Vietnam Young Physician Association.

Dr. Pham Le Duy is in the list of 10 young Vietnamese physicians honored this year. Born in 1987, Dr. Duy has published up to 25 scientific articles in prestigious international medical journals. He is also the author of "5th year Medical Student Academic Project Module". This is an effective and modern work on supporting students to equip necessary scientific research skills. In addition, he is also the leader in organizing and implementing more than 50 programs of the Youth Union, Association, and volunteer activities for medical students.

Another excellent young physician is Doctor Ngo Viet Anh from Cho Ray Hospital. During the first wave of COVID-19,  he actively participated in the rapid reaction team of Cho Ray Hospital to support epidemic prevention and control and give specialized guidance in many neighboring provinces. From April to July 2020, he joined the treatment of patient 91 at Ho Chi Minh City Hospital for Tropical Diseases, and also continued to join the Quick Response Team No. 1 of Cho Ray Hospital supporting Da Nang City in treating many diseases for COVID-19 patients. He then joined the Emergency Resuscitation Department at Da Nang Lung Hospital, coordinated treatment of critically ill patients, and created and transferred technology to colleagues at the hospital.

On this occasion, the Vietnam Young Physician Association received the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister for its outstanding achievements in directly participating in COVID-19 prevention and control; the Minister of Health awarded Certificates of Merit to 5 collectives and 12 individuals who had excellent achievements in the work of the Vietnam Young Medical Association in the period of 2019-2020./.


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