Contest held to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh

Uncle Ho visited Co To Island on May 9, 1961. (Documentary photo)

This is part of significant activities to mark the 60th anniversary of the day since Uncle Ho visited Co To Island district’s army forces and people (May 9), aiming to commemorate and pay tribute to the leader’s great sacrifice for the nation in general and his special affection for cadres, soldiers and people in Quang Ninh Province, especially those on Co To Island, contributing to educating the patriotic history and tradition, confirming the nation’s sea and island sovereignty.

It also targets to create an exciting emulation atmosphere among the people, cadres, officers, and armed forces to assert the sacredness as well as the noble and unique value of historical President Ho Chi Minh relic; promote and preserve the traditional cultural identity of the locality, enhance tourism development; and increase dissemination of Quang Ninh’s land, people and tourism.

The contest covers knowledge and understanding of President Ho Chi Minh's visits to Quang Ninh in general and Co To Island district in particular; Uncle Ho's special affection for Quang Ninh and Co To; history and traditions of Co To district; the Party, State and Quang Ninh’s leaders’ care for the province; the province’s and Co To Island’s economic, political, cultural, social, defense and security information in the renewal process under the leadership of the Party.

The contest is being organized weekly on Quang Ninh newspaper at


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