Top legislator holds phone talks with Lao counterpart
National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue (Photo: VNA)

National Assembly Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue (Photo: VNA)

The Lao legislative leader congratulated Hue on his election as the new Chairman of the NA of Vietnam, expressing his belief that under his leadership, the Vietnamese NA will continue to gain greater success, contributing to raising the position of the Vietnamese NA in the regional and international forums and fostering the ties between Vietnam and Laos.

NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue congratulated Laos on the successful organization of important events of the country, including the general election and completion of the State apparatus.

He affirmed that Vietnam always attaches great important and gives top priority to the promotion of the special ties with Laos, considering it as a strategic issue of vital significance to both country. Vietnam strongly and comprehensively supports Lao leaders and people during the neighbouring country's national construction, he said.

The NA leader said that despite impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, the two sides have still maintained high-level meetings and discussions as well as important cooperation mechanisms. Two-way trade has continuously increased to over 4 billion USD, he noted, adding that bilateral security, defence, education-training and transport cooperation has been promoted.

He expressed his delight that the Lao NA Building project, a gift from Vietnam, has been implemented on schedule to serve as the venue for the first meeting of the Lao NA in the new tenure.

He proposed that the two side focus on supervising the implementation of agrements reached between the two countries at the 43rd Inter-Governmental Committee Meeting.

He suggested that the Lao NA continue to maintain high-level meetings and visits as well as cooperation mechanisms with Vietnam, noting that he hopes to welcome Saysomphone Phomvihane in Vietnam soon.

The two NAs should share experience with each other, especially in building institutions and the legal system as well as supervision over law enforcement activities, while continue working closely in supervising joint investment projects, he said.

He went on to say that agencies of both sides should collaborate effectively in organizing activities to mark the 60th anniversary of Vietnam-Laos diplomatic relations and the 45th anniversary of the Friendship and Amity Treaty between the two countries in 2022, thus educating youngsters of both sides on the special traditional ties between the two countries.

NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue holds phone talks with his Lao counterpart Saysomphone Phomvihane (Photo: VNA)

NA Chairman Vuong Dinh Hue holds phone talks with his Lao counterpart Saysomphone Phomvihane (Photo: VNA)

Agreeing with his Vietnamese counterpart, Lao NA leader Saysomphone Phomvihane expressed his delight at the cooperation between the two NA over the years. The new NA building is a precious gift that Vietnam has given to Laos, he said and thanked the Party, State and people of Vietnam for the gift.

He agreed with Hue on the future cooperation orientations between the two NAs, adding that the two sides should continue working closely at international forums.

The two NA leaders accepted each other's invitations to visit their respective countries and promised to arrange the visits as soon as possible./.


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