Southern hub strives to earn 108 billion USD from exports by 2030

Ho Chi Minh City sets target of 108 billion USD in export turnover by 2030 (Photo: VNA)

The city People’s Committee sets the targets at its recently-approved plan on developing export by 2025, with a vision to 2030.

To that end, from now to 2025, the city will maintain and support the development of its key products, while making preparations to upgrade industry and participate more deeply in global value chains, and focusing on developing electronics, mechanics, and wood products, which it considers a foundation for its export growth in the time ahead.

In addition, the city will upgrade infrastructure serving export, and at the same time reform and increase the quality of public services directly related to import-export activities with the aim of providing the best possible services.

By 2030, the city will build strategies to improve competitiveness of its outstanding export products such as electronics, mechanics, optics, software, and service exports such as finance, tourism and logistics.

It will also attract more investment in finance, banking and logistics, and form logistics service centres, and step up human resources development.

Last year, the largest economic hub of Vietnam earned over 40 billion USD from exports./.



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