Vietnam accounts for 7% of Japan’s total seafood imports

Vietnam has emerged as the fourth largest seafood exporter to Japan. (Photo: VNA)

Japan Customs statistics indicate that the Far East nation imported a total of 165,030 tonnes of seafood worth USD997.9 million in January, representing a decline of 4.8% in volume and 16.9% in value against January 2020.

Japan moved to increase imports of tuna and fish eggs while their import of shrimp, squid, and octopus endured a downward trajectory compared to the same period from last year.

January also witnessed Vietnam join the likes of China, Chile, Norway, and Thailand as the largest seafood exporters to the Japanese market, of which it represented its fourth biggest seafood supplier in January.

The country shipped 11,400 tonnes of seafood products worth a total of US$85.5 million to Japan, representing a rise of 0.3% in volume and a drop of 14.1% in value against the same period from last year.

The General Statistics Office (GSO) stated that the Japanese market imported 4,900 tonnes of shrimp worth USD42.6 million in January, up 25.6% in volume and 22.7% in value, thereby making it the largest consumer of Vietnamese shrimp.

To penetrate deep into the demanding market, the Vietnam Trade Office in Japan has advised Vietnamese businesses to strictly abide by aquaculture breeding procedures, especially the rules of antibiotic residues.



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