Southern province strives to reduce poverty rate to 3%

Combining rice production and shrimp production helps Ben Tre’s coastal district escape poverty. (Photo: CPV)

Accordingly, the province will focus on helping the poor develop means of livelihood, creating conditions for 100% of poor and nearly-poor households to have access to loans and be trained in agriculture, forestry and fishery production.

The province will also give infrastructure support to extremely disadvantaged communes, helping families’ income increase by 20-25% by late 2021, along with providing medical insurance cards to 100% of poor and nearly-poor families, and educational exemption and reduction to poor pupils.

Sending poor labourers to work abroad is also considered a focus.

A survey on poor and nearly-poor families in the province conducted in late 2020 showed that the province had over 29,500 poor and nearly-poor families, who said they needed access to loans for cultivation and breeding, vocational training and job creation, labour export, and knowledge on cultivation, breeding and access to markets./.



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