Planting over 21,000 large trees to cover barren and degraded forests in Thanh Hoa province
Seedlings carried out to forest plantation sites (Photo: Gaia)

Seedlings carried out to forest plantation sites (Photo:

This activity has helped to cover more than 23 ha of barren and degraded forests in Thanh Hoa province. This reforestation program aims to restore degraded forests, reduce damage from storms and floods, combat erosion, respond to climate change, protect water resources, ensure crop yields and thereby improve quality of Thanh Hoa’s household in particular, and Vietnam in general.


In Vietnam, natural disasters such as storms, floods, drought, and air pollution are getting more seriously affecting people's lives from rural to urban areas. Meanwhile, deforestation, transforming of forest land, excessive exploitation of forest resources are degrading the quality of forests in Vietnam.


According to the Vietnam Administration of Forestry, by the end of 2019, the whole country had 14.45 million hectares of forest, equivalent to 41.85% forest coverage. However, only about 15% are rich forests, more than 50% are medium forests and up to 35% are poor forests. Due to deforestation and forest degradation, natural disasters have exacerbated the lives of people across the country. Deforestation and forest degradation, also affect the survival of many endangered species. Afforestation, greening of barren land, and improvement of forest quality have become urgent.


Recognizing the great role of afforestation, the Gaia Nature Conservation has continued to promote watershed afforestation programs throughout Vietnam. One highlight program is the one entitled “Contributing one tree to forests”, in order to create opportunities for all individuals and businesses to join in afforestation and learn about the role of forests with people, for a greener Vietnam. Over the past one year, the programme has received strong support from thousands of individuals, businesses, and groups. Participants not only contribute actual watershed trees but also send their love and messages on the virtual forest on Gaia’s website.


More than 21,000 trees planted, were donated by nearly 900 individuals and 6 businesses including: OMO, SAITEX, The New Gym, Hanbin Fanclub, TTCL Việt Nam & TTCL Power Holdings, and the “Tu Tam” Volunteer group. Of which, more than 11,000 trees were planted in Ben En National Park and more than 9,000 trees were planted in Xuan Lien Nature Reserve.


To ensure the quality and minimum tree survival rate of 70-80%, the forests will be monitored and taken cared in for 4 years. Gaia will also work with Xuan Lien Nature Reserve and Ben En National Park to research, monitor the forest in order to include it in annual reports circulated to the public. After four years, the forest will continue to be protected for a long time from state funds. Everyone can update information about the forest annually such as: tree survival rate, tree size, growth status of the forest, tree monitoring photos, forest monitoring photos, and status of forest animals and plants.


In the future, Gaia will continue its efforts to plant more watershed forests throughout Vietnam. Gaia called for the attention and support of the entire society in this afforestation program.


Since 2013, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has chosen March 21st every year as "World Tree Day" to call upon localities and countries to work together to plant trees and raise awareness forest conservation, sustainable development in the future. March 21st is also the International Forest Day encouraging countries to organize afforestation campaigns./.



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