UK supports Da Nang City boost digital transformation

Da Nang is home to diverse technological companies that are important factors to support digital transformation. (Photo:

Talking about opportunities for Vietnamese businesses as the UK – Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (UKVFTA) was officially signed last year and went into effect in January, she said that the commercial relationship between Da Nang City and the UK had started with a strong foundation. Export turnover from Da Nang to the UK is at more than USD30 million per year. In addition, the UK has more than 20 investment projects in Da Nang with a total value of approximately USD100 million. “I believe that UKVFTA will provide a good foundation for the two sides to continue to develop this economic trade relationship,” she said, adding that in the first 6 years after the UKVFTA comes into effect, the UK will eliminate more than 99% of tariff lines related to Vietnam's imported goods, including key exports from Da Nang such as marine products, textile and garment products, furniture and handicrafts.

In addition, UKVFTA is also a good opportunity for British businesses in Da Nang, which is a positive factor to attract British investors to Da Nang.

In terms of digital transformation in Da Nang City, she said that Da Nang is a dynamic city with competitive advantages in entrepreneurship and technology. Da Nang ranked at the top of the national information technology readiness index (ICT Index) for many consecutive years. “I find that the city has the core elements that are key to unlock the digital economy, as well as speed up digital transformation,” she said, noting that the elements include developed infrastructure, relatively low cost of living, and high concentration of information technology companies and information technology education institutions. Currently, Da Nang City has many information technology and digital companies at local, regional and global scales. “This is a great starting point,” she went on to say.

“We are strong in technology, innovation and the digital economy, and are also a competent partner to continue driving the transition to the digital economy in Da Nang.” She said. “As the UK Consul General and UK’s Director of Trade for Vietnam, I look forward to building a long-term partnership with the authority, the business community and other agencies to support the transition.”

Talking about the UK’s possible support for improving human resources, she said that there are currently diverse educational cooperation models which are being carried out.

She took the Chevening Scholarship as a typical example which she said had supported Vietnamese students to study in the UK for a master's degree in any school and any industry. Recently, the British Council has also developed a new scholarship program, especially for Vietnamese women who come to the UK to study science - technology - engineering – mathematics (STEM). “We also have a range of partnership opportunities to help Da Nang students study in the UK program, earning a UK degree while still living in Da Nang,” she said./.



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