AVSE Global helps reconstruction of Central region after disaster
Flood in Central region (Photo: VTV)

Flood in Central region (Photo: VTV)

AVSE Global currently has 300 members, who are experts in their fields working in 15 countries around the world. AVSE Global's post-disaster Central region reconstruction project will carry out regional master plan research on climate change adaptation, in which Quang Tri province is the development center.

The project will conduct field surveys, make general observations and share some global experiences on socio-economic, cultural, and educational development adapting to climate change in several countries such as the Philippines, Japan, India and Thailand.

The purpose of the post-disaster Central region reconstruction project brings strategy on socio-economic development and infrastructure to Quang Tri province, based on an important foundation that is actual surveys, real situation analysis, international experience and creative innovation by researching new solutions with pioneering application.

Speaking at the meeting, leaders of Quang Tri province expect AVSE Global to accompany the province, as well as calling for resources to support the province to overcome natural disasters, developing in the fields of logistics and   energy, and building disaster-resilient infrastructure.

Provincial leaders also pledged to cooperate with and offer maximum support for field survey experts and build development strategies within the framework of the project. At the same time, they wished to have more in-depth working sessions in the coming time to create specific development plans./.


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