Promoting cultural development planning to 2030 in Gia Lai
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At present, Dam San Theatre has conducted professional performances as well as performances to serve major political events of the province. Every year, it has about 130 performances and stages 15 new programs. It also participates in performances outside the province, showing the Central Highlands identity.

In addition, the mass arts in the localities of Gia Lai province are increasingly developed, marked with many quality programs. The localities periodically organize cultural and sport competitions of ethnic minorities, and district-level mass art shows. Contests and shows have fostered and formed a force to participate in provincial activities, and selected excellent artisan delegations to participate in cultural performances and promotions in the provinces and cities in the country.

Library activities have many innovations, especially efforts to bring books to readers. In addition to the provincial library and the Library of Corps 3, the whole province has 16 district and town libraries.

Pleiku city has 22 communal bookcases and mobile reading spots. The number of new cards issued every year is constantly increasing (1,150 new cards in 2016, 1,900 cards in 2020). The number of books circulated and mobile service increased from 33 points in 2016 to 134 points in 2020.

Cultural development in the direction of preserving and promoting national cultural values, preserving and protecting the natural and social environment, is one of the main goals in the province's development orientation. In the period of 2017 - 2020, an archaeological relic      was recognized as a national relic      and 11 sites were recognized as provincial relics. There are 29 relics, including 14 national relics and 15 provincial ones.

In addition, "The Central Highlands Gong Culture Space" was recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Several relics have been restored. The cultural sector also reviews, makes inventory and plans for relic recognition  in the 2018 – 2023 period./.


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