Press center for 13th National Party Congress ready for grand opening
Le Manh Hung (Source: CPV)

Mr. Le Manh Hung, Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee (PCC) Commission of Popularization and Education, and Director of the Press Center for 13th National Party Congress (Source: CPV)

The inauguration ceremony for the Press Center for the 13th National Party Congress will take place on January 22, opening a series of political activities at the 13th National Party Congress. On this occasion, Mr. Le Manh Hung, Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee (PCC) Commission of Popularization and Education, and Director of the Press Center for 13th National Party Congress, answered reporters preparations for the opening ceremony as well as notes during dissemination on the congress.

Reporter: Dear sir, how is the preparation for the opening ceremony of the Press Center for the 13th National Party Congress?

Comrade Le Manh Hung: Up to this time, Infrastructure preparations for a press center have      basically been completed. The equipment for dissemination has been basically completed, ensuring the quality of the communication lines through modern means to connect with the information portals. Facilities and means conditions are very good in terms of technology, transmission line, as well as equipment for the domestic and foreign press to work.

The Press Center is equipped with all computers with network connection to serve and meet operational requirements of nearly 500 domestic reporters and technicians; More than 60 reporters, editors and technicians of foreign news agencies in Vietnam registered to work at the press center.

Along with that, the Press Center has also cooperated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide information to more than 60 reporters registered to follow and report on the Congress in the online form.

The Press Center has also issued operation regulations, and issued and distributed operational cards to reporters later.

Reporter: Dear sir, to ensure the smooth, fast, accurate and unified information and dissemination on the congress, what does the Party Central Committee Commission of Popularization and Education direct and prepare for this work?

Comrade Le Manh Hung: The dissemination direction and guidance was issued very early by the PCC Commission of Popularization and Education. Right from the beginning of 2020, the PCC Commission of Popularization and Education issued Guideline 132-HD/ BTGTW of April 10, 2020, guiding the press to disseminate Party Congresses at all levels and the 13th National Party Congress.

Dissemination is carried out in two major forms, including dissemination on mass media and at various levels, branches and grassroots people. It is divided into three phases: Before, during and after the Congress.

Le Manh Hung (Source: CPV)

Press Center has finished installing internet-connected computer systems. (Source: CPV)

Specifically, dissemination before the Congress is the dissemination from grassroots to the provincial and central levels. Dissemination during the Congress is providing content and programmes of the 13th National Party Congress. Dissemination after the congress is to provide information about the result of the Congress.

The PCC Commission of Popularization and Education also issued Document 10048-CV/ BTGTW on some key points in the scenario of dissemination of the      press on the Congress. This will be sent to delegates of the congress and press agencies in order to unify dissemination contents.

The press and media agencies have recently paid great attention to dissemination on the Congress; affirming the country's achievements in 30 years of renovation, as General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong said that the country has never had the structure, potential and prestige like at present.

The media also disseminates important achievements of the country, on socio-economic development, national defense and security, foreign affairs and Party building, the political system, patriotic emulation movement; the improvement of capacity, purity of grassroots of Party organizations; and the innovation achievements.

Over the past time, the main press and media agencies that have brought into play their roles and strengths have made dissemination programmes and have pages that deeply reflect the Party Congress. Dissemination on patriotic movements among the people, all levels, and branches towards the Party Congress has shown the beliefs and expectations of the people in the Party's leadership: the country will renew and develop, people's lives will be more comfortable and happier.

Reporter: Could you please tell more about the mechanism to provide information, as well as create favorable conditions for domestic and foreign journalists to work at the Press Center?

Comrade Le Manh Hung: The Press Center has developed specific programs, content and scenarios to exchange with press agencies, creating conditions for reporters to work at the center.

The Standing Member of the PCC’s Secretariat and the Organizing Sub-Committee for the Congress has directed the PCC Commission of Popularization and Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the PCC Commission of External Relations to implement specific activities in accordance with actual events.

The new element of the congress is to invite foreign reporters to participate in online press briefings due to COVID-19. Foreign reporters are very happy and support this form. Foreign journalists can register online in Asia, America, Africa, and some regions of the world. The other is to issue operating regulations for reporters. However, in the working process, reporters also need to find core issues that are of concern to the people and the whole society; to have in-depth articles, proposals and      explanations      reflecting the voice of the people towards the Congress, in order to make correct and timely decisions.

Reporter: Thank you very much!


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