Politburo member meets voters in southern province

Voters in Nhon Trach district speak at the meeting. (Photo: NDO)

During the meeting, after Nguyen Thi Nhu Y, Chairwoman of the provincial Confederation of Labour, informed the voters of the results of the session, voters showed their consensus and appreciation of the operation of the NA, especially through the Q&A session. 

They also suggested the province should completely address problems relating to land, environmental pollution due to release of waste treatment by industrial zones, and slow planning and implementation of projects that impact people’s lives.

Recognizing voters’ responsible ideas, Vo Van Thuong asked the Standing Board of the Nhon Trach district Party Committee to make plans to address long-lasting cases, and spend time addressing arising problems.

He also urged the locality to increase meetings and dialogues with people to completely tackle their problems during socio-economic development.

Regarding punishment of wrong cadres, he confirmed the Party and State viewpoint that everyone was equal under the law; as a result, cadres with wrongdoings would be strictly punished./.


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