Domestic and international experts contribute to promoting values of Thang Long Imperial Citadel
Thang Long Imperial Citadel (Source:

Thang Long Imperial Citadel (Source:

At an international symposium in Hanoi on November 23, participants affirmed that Thang Long Imperial Citadel, recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site a decade ago, has universal values.
The event was co-organised by the Hanoi City People’s Committee and the Vietnam National Commission for UNESCO, with the participation of representatives from the UNESCO Office in Hanoi, and the UNESCO’s Asia/Pacific Regional Committee for the Memory of the World Programme, among others, reported VNA.
Since the citadel won the UNESCO recognition, the Hanoi People’s Committee has rolled out multiple activities to realise its commitments to the UNESCO in preserving and upholding heritage values of the site.
Delegates at the symposium reviewed excavations conducted over the past decade, along with data building in service of the conservation work, and cooperation in research and exhibition.
Many suggested restoring traditional architectures in the citadel, and increasing exhibitions and communication activities to popularise the heritage values among the public.
Buil in the 11th century, the citadel is characterised by its longevity and continuity as a seat of power, evidenced by different archaeological levels and monuments, according to UNESCO./.



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