Party official meets with voters in Can Tho city

VFF President Tran Thanh Man and Can Tho city’s leaders present gifts to beneficiaries and disadvantaged families in Vinh Thanh district. (Photo: SGGP)

During the meeting, voters expressed their trust in the Party, State and NA leadership over important achievements in socio-economic development, despite the complex development of the COVID-19 pandemic. They also showed their hope to increase prevention of corruption and wastefulness, especially solutions to recover money from corruption; accelerate the construction of traffic projects linking the Mekong River Delta; adjust the exploitation of sand at river banks to avoid bad influence on people’s lives; support farmers to consume agricultural products, and pay more attention to fight drug crime. 

Addressing the meeting, Tran Thanh Man recognized and appreciated voters’ suggestions, noting the country’s socio-economic development situation, especially the prevention of COVID-19. 

Regarding the revocation of corrupt money, he confirmed that the Party and State were highly determined to fight corruption and reclaim the lost money, taking the example of tackling the wrongdoings in the MobiFone-AVG deal in which authorized agencies revoked 100% of the corrupt money at VND8.5 trillion. 

Sharing voters’ worries about drug crime, he asked the public security forces to more drastically fight the problem. 

Noting that agricultural product exports is reportedly positive this year, he asserted that the Party and State’s guideline is to develop deeply processed plants for increasing the value of the products. He urged Can Tho city to focus on developing the sector for export to bring higher income for farmers by applying advanced technology into production, thus heightening the quality and productivity of agricultural products. “Farmers should set up links with businesses to develop stable production and consumption chains,” he added. 

Recognizing weaknesses in the traffic infrastructure in the Mekong River Delta, he said that the Government and ministries were urgently overcoming difficulties to accelerate the construction of key traffic infrastructure, contributing to promoting socio-economic development.

During the meeting, he also answered voters’ queries in terms of rural traffic, medical treatment using medical insurance cards, environmental protection and prevention of landslides./.


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