Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue joins national unity festival with people in Hanoi’s district
Delegates at the event (Photo:

Being a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic community, including many foreign and multi-religious households, over the past years, Residential Area 14 has always been a united and compassionate community.

Over the past years, the fatherland front board of Residential Area 14 has presided and coordinated to promote the strength of great solidarity in the community, and mobilized the people to actively participate in implementing political tasks, emulation movements and local campaigns.

The Residential Area 14 has led in payment of gratitude, social activities and charity. It has raised funds of over 315 million VND to support COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control activities, and over 213 million VND to support flood victims in the Central region.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Vuong Dinh Hue affirmed that all the victories are derived from the idea of "taking the people as the root" and "the people are the roots"; and promote the strength of great national unity. Recently, the spirit of great national unity and the thought of "people are the roots" have once again demonstrated great strength when it brings the whole country to resilience against the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining socio-economic development.

The Secretary desired the people in the area to continue promoting the achievements, especially the campaign of all people uniting to build a cultural life in residential areas. At the same time, he asks the local fatherland front, Party Committee and authorities to replicate the model of residential area 14 to contribute to building the capital to be a more beautiful, civilized, modern, and a peaceful and worth living city./.


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