Central province makes specific plans for development strategy

Natural beaches in Phu Yen attract many tourists. (Photo: phuyen.gov.vn)

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Pham Dai Duong and Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Tran Huu The, as well as the provincial leaders, have held a meeting with sponsors and consultancy agencies for the subjects. The consultancy agencies include the German Roland Berge Company and Singaporean Surbana Jurong.

According to the consultancy agencies, the plans will be completed by late this year, being the input for the province’s integrated planning.

Appreciating the quality of the draft plans and the agencies’ efforts, the province’s leaders said they had been prepared thoroughly and scientifically, adding that they would discuss the plans so that they would suit the province’s development orientations, marking the foundations for the province to put forth policies and solutions to socio-economic development, assisting investors understand more about the potential and investment opportunities in the province.

Earlier, on April 10, the Prime Minister has adopted the province’s planning for 2021-2030 term with a vision to 2025, aiming to make it a tool for the province to create a driving force for development, and a foundation for carrying out public investment and attracting investment, proposing orientations and solutions to accelerate the implementation of strategic breakthroughs, looking towards sustainable development in 3 pillars of economy, society and environment in the long term./.


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