Forming an open science-technology organisation network
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Photo for illustration (Source:

The major objectives of the planning include concretising the Party and State’s policies and laws on science and technology development and innovation, and connecting relevant sectors and regions in line with the national master planning, reported VNA.

A network of science and technology organisations will be formed in an open and flexible manner with suitable scale and structure to meet the goal of comprehensively and synchronously promoting the cause of national reform, industrialisation and modernisation.

Meanwhile, the planning will serve as a foundation for the building of a middle-term public investment plan across the nation in the field of science and technology as well as the mobilisation of resources from the community in developing the network, towards the complete autonomy of State-owned science and technology organisations.

Under the decision, the natural conditions, resources and situation of the science and technology organisation network nationwide will be analysed and evaluated, along with connectivity of sectors and regions in the development of the network.

At the same time, opportunities and challenges in building the planning will be defined, together with the list of important projects for investment priority./.


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