Vietnam, Venezuela bolster economic and trade cooperation

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 According to Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent in South America, on May 11, the Vietnamese Embassy in Venezuela coordinated with the Bank for Foreign Trade of Venezuela (BANCOEX) to hold an online seminar to promote trade promotion activities between the two countries.

In his speech at the event, BANCOEX Vice Chairman Juan Freer said that the bank aims at promoting the commercialization of strong Venezuelan products such as crude oil, coffee and cocoa to generate foreign exchange revenue to serve domestic production activities.

For his part, Ambassador Le Viet Duyen introduced Vietnam’s strong export products such as rice, coffee, cashew nuts and spices; telephone products, electronic components, textiles and garments, shoes of all kinds, seafood, in which Vietnamese agricultural products have been well known in the international market in terms of quantity and quality.

He said that through the event, BANCOEX and Venezuelan firms will have a clearer view of the Vietnamese market, thereby proposing a reasonable import and export business strategy and promoting transactions between the two countries.

On this occasion, the Vietnamese Embassy in Venezuela has released the manual “Business Guide for Vietnamese enterprises in the Venezuelan market” in order to support and provide market information and investment opportunities, business for Vietnamese enterprises wishing to do business with Venezuela./.



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